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human capital development

With all of the focus in recent years on the need for companies to make themselves more competitive, there has been a remarkable lack of attention on the benefits of investing in human capital. Alone among all of the different types of resources available to businesses, this resource has the greatest potential for improving any organization's ability to compete. While material costs, labor expenses, and other factors may be relatively comparable between different business entities, this human capital offers organizations a real opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Learning & Development are obviously important. Educational investments provide employees with all of the basic and advanced skills they need to manage modern technology, complex business systems, and interpersonal relations within the workplace. Ongoing training can help to ensure that each employee continually updates those skills so that he can be as productive as possible in the job to which he is assigned.

List of Programs that WE offer under this segment are:

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for Operations
  • Train The Trainer (TTT) for New In-House Trainers
  • Developing Job Description (JD) Workshop
  • Vertical Career Ladder Development Workshop
  • Competency Profiling Matrix Workshop (NEW!!)
  • Performance Appraisal System Workshop (NEW!!)
  • Training Effectiveness Evaluation Workshop (Level I-IV)¬† (NEW!!)
  • Effective 21st Century Leadership Workshop¬† (NEW!!)
  • Learning & Development Industry in Malaysia-Emerging Trend (NEW!!)
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development, Management & Retention
  • Training Needs Analysis for Manufacturing & Service Industry
  • Employee Competency Profiling (Skill Matrix Development)
  • Career Ladder Development & Succession Planning
  • Balance Score card and KPI Development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Developing 21st Century Leader In A Dynamic Organization

Note: The above list is not exhaustive and any other request, can be directed to us for further discussion


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